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    Bacteria Strand Could Relieve Food Allergies

    According to a combined study by American and Swiss researchers published in the peer-reviewed journal, PNAS, a bacterium called, Clostridia, could cure the worst of food allergies. This common strain of bacteria was exposed to peanut-sensitive mice for five weeks and shown to evaporate traces of nut allergies.

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    By ingesting Clostridia, an immune system reaction occurs, which produces interleukin-22, a molecule that thickens the intestinal wall and stops food allergens from entering the bloodstream. After the 5-week study and examination, researchers noted that the mice stopped producing antibodies that cause inflammatory responses to peanuts. Moving forward, the researchers stopped giving the mice Clostridia and the mice continued to have reduced sensitivity to peanuts.

    The study provided researchers with a “bacterial community” to move forward with further studies. Clostridia demonstrated protection against allergens in the intestines and could alter immune defenses for future allergy treatment. While this study marks a huge advancement in allergy treatment, it is far from hitting allergy treatment centers. You can’t just buy Clostridia at your local pharmacy. Researchers need to develop a safe clinical trial for humans to ensure the results are positive.

    To learn more about the study’s results, visithttp://www.nhs.uk/news/2014/08August/Pages/Common-bacteria-could-help-prevent-food-allergies.aspx.

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