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We identify the causes of your allergy illness.

Proven Treatments
for a Healthy Life!

Customized immunotherapies to return you to a vibrant lifestyle.

Regain your
natural vitality!

Lead a more healthy life free of
any daily or seasonal misery.

Food Allergies, Seasonal Allergies, and Sinus Relief!

Let us help you restore the vitality in your life. There is no reason for anyone to suffer needlessly when proven advanced services are available to treat patients who suffer from environmental and food allergies. Our thorough, cause oriented approach will help you get your life back.

Why Choose Us?

Whether you have suffered for years unable to find relief, or your symptoms are only recent, you will find no better allergy treatment than at The Allergy & Environmental Treatment Center, LLC.

Clear communication, advanced diagnostic tools, unsurpassed care and targeted treatment regimens are all part of our DNA. These are the ingredients that set us apart.

We work together with you to understand your health issues, lifestyle, and environmental considerations followed by total involvement in every step of your care from initial diagnosis to restoring your health and vitality.


``Pin pointing my food allergies has changed so many aspects in my life. Aside from feeling ``normal`` again, I'm feeling so much healthier. Like many others, I've struggled with losing weight for most of my life. After being tested I started avoiding my allergenic foods, sticking to the rotation diet, and doing moderate exercise. This has all aided me in shedding 85 pounds! The inflammation caused by allergies was stopping me from becoming a healthier me. I feel better than ever!``

- JK from Bagdad, AZ


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